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R For Geospatial

8 minute read

Summary The first part of a proposed three part series on tools for geospatial analysis in the transport domain. This review details functionality of three k...

Modelling Accessibility By Suburb

13 minute read

Summary In this post, we look at how a statistical model can provide specific insights about accessibility. By combining intuition and quantitative results, ...

Walking To Playgrounds In Wellington

3 minute read

This post introduces a series of walkability analyses for Wellington - with a specific focus on walking to playgrounds. The analyses will allow us to examine...

Playgrounds Vs Pubs

10 minute read

This post applies accessibility analysis to compare two types of social amenities: council parks and alcohol vendors - a wider scope than the cheeky allitera...

Fuel Stations Analysis Part 3

5 minute read

The previous two parts Part 1 and Part 2 retrieved open spatial data for plotting onto a map from OpenStreetMap; and abstracted spatial networks to networks ...

Fuel Stations Analysis Part 2

9 minute read

In the previous post, we obtained and plotted locations of Z and BP stations in Wellington, New Zealand. We could see some differences in the coverage of Z v...

Fuel Stations Analysis Part 1

10 minute read

Journeys begin with a question. A chance discovery of an excellent introduction and tutorial on urban modelling by Sir Alan Wilson led me to think about a mo...